Updates from Operavision Academy (What’s included)

Buongiorno a tutti! We are getting very excited about the many events that will take place at Operavision Academy this summer. Stay tuned to our website http://www.operavisionacademy.co for updates and news but we wanted to share some fun things with you.  

At Operavision Academy you can customize your own participation in the program.  We have created a three-week arch, which means to receive the full benefit of the program the three weeks would give you all of the opportunities we are offering.  However, for those that cannot attend for three weeks, you can also select to come for one week, or two weeks for lesser costs.  This will be considered after the audition process and after you are accepted into the program.  If you would like to come for less than the three weeks, please contact us directly at operavisionacademy@gmail.com

For those who are of Italian nationality and do not require language training, or those who live in the Urbania region and have their own accommodation, we also ask that you contact us directly.

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Each week at Operavision Academy will begin with expert language training with the staff of highly qualified teachers at Centro Studi Italiani. Language training for the entire 3 weeks is included in the program fee (for program fee please see the application form section of this website).  

Centro Studi Italiani


Every day will consist of sessions in movement and drama, historical lectures, masterclasses, coachings, and lessons with our staff, as well as hands on work with Aprile Millo.

The Three Week Arch

Each week is focused on a different area of study, for example, week 1 will be a Bel Misto in which singers can bring Bel Canto repertoire, German Repertoire, or any repertoire they wish to perfect to their coaches. Week 2 will focus specifically on Puccinian repertoire with special master sessions on La Boheme but masterclasses will include any and all Puccinian arias, duets, scenes, etc. Week 3 is Verdi week in conjunction with Renata Tebaldi week in which all study is focused on Verdian repertoire with a special focus on Aida.

Millo, Tebaldi, Horne
Millo, Tebaldi, Horne

Round-Table Discussions

Each week a panel of highly distinguished personages in opera will be coming to Urbania to meet with us and have round table discussions on topics that are relevant to opera today and answer questions about career choices and offer advice to you.  Some of our special guests include: Maestro Enrico Stinchielli, Maestro Silvio Carroli, Maestro Robert Lombardo, special video appearances with Maestro Franco Zeffirelli, and the esteemed granddaughter of Giacomo Puccini, Dottoressa Simonetta Puccini.

How we give back to the arts

One special aspect of our program is that we will be giving concerts for three major operatic organizations in Italy: The Casa di Riposo Giuseppe Verdi, The Villa Museo Giacomo Puccini (Torre del Lago) and the Renata Tebaldi Museum. These concerts are being organized for you to gain experience and to receive a forum for impresarios and agents to hear you. The concert events are all open to the public for a small fee and ALL moneys made for these concerts are going directly to each organization in donation from Operavision Academy and YOU! By singing for these charities we are able to give back to them and honour the work they do to prolong and maintain the excellence of their organizations. Besides performances in these venues, we will also be giving concerts in our sponsor city, Urbania at the beautiful Teatro Bramante.


The program is a very busy program and every day will be filled with activity from morning until evening. YOU are the central focus of the program and we are doing our utmost to provide you with training in every possible avenue that pertains to an operatic career.

Please note that accommodations for the entire stay are included in the program fee and that you can choose to come for 1 week, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks. The full benefit, of course, is the 3 week arch of study we have planned out. If you would like to come for less than 3 weeks, please contact us directly at operavisionacademy@gmail.com

Also included in the price of the program is Italian language study every day except weekends (when we are traveling for performances). An overnight stay in Milano is also included in the price.
If you have any questions about what is being offered, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to sharing this time with you and please stay tuned for updates and further postings of special events!!!

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