3 Week Arch of Study

Organization of Weeks

Due to some organizational changes for concert performances in conjunction with the Casa Verdi, Comitato Renata Tebaldi, and Dr.ssa Puccini, the order of the weeks for Operavision Academy have changed somewhat.

Week 1:  Bel Misto (Bel Canto and other genres) Masterclass with special and honoured guest, Maestro Richard Bonynge/TEBALDI WEEK (with the special participation of the Comitato Renata Tebaldi

Week 2:  WILL NOW BE CHANGED TO PUCCINI WEEK (with the special participation of Dottor.ssa Simonetta Puccini

Week 3: WILL NOW BE CHANGED TO VERDI Week /Casa Verdi di Milano

We are informing those of you who have planned to only attend for one week, so that you can make proper arrangements. For those coming for the 3 week arch, this will not affect your participation.

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