Memories Still Vivid/Plans for Operavision Academy 2016! Stay Tuned.

A Unique Program unlike any other!  Operavision Academy Launches in Urbania, Italy.

Operavision Logo 300 dpi 31

The Arrival of A Champion of Music:  Richard Bonynge for Operavision Academy UrbaniaPUP_9653

Master Class Spectacular, 7 singers sang and worked with the great Maestro in Urbania’s beautiful theater, Teatro Bramante.


A very different kind of summer program inaugurates with the Summer of Discovery in Urbania, Italy in association with  Giovanni Pasotto and the Centro Studi Italiani during their celebrations in thirty years of accomplishment. It is safe to say this was unlike any other program they had ever had.  A very successful launch, concerts in key cities of great musical and historical importance, intimate tours especially designed for Operavision Academy, all leading to a magical day at Teatro alla Scala and a visit unlike anyone could have dreamed.


Melanie La Patin world famous champion ball room dancer with hundreds of first place titles and choreographer for “So You Think You Can Dance” and Dancing with The Stars” excelled with all the young artists, here with Aprile Millo and Maestro Richard Bonygne.


Support for one of the most emotional and beautiful of Museums, in a Castle fit for the Queen, Renata Tebaldi. Here a plaque commemorates the concerts given and the Donation of Hope given to the Comitato Renata Tebaldi for such dedication and devotion to the great Italian soprano of legendary beauty of voice and person, Renata Tebaldi.



A very talented and madly in love with opera group of beautiful voiced teenagers. Amy Bourdon, Kaylah Paquette and Katherine Pound.


I think she would have loved this, over fifty young people gathering and paying homage by tears and awed looks at the magnificence of the display of costumes and personal items of the great star.

PUP_9991The Concert For Renata Tebaldi Museum.


The gracious Mayor of Busseto with Aprile Millo, Giovanna Colombo, Mr. Gavazzeni, Dr. Mary-Lou Vetere and Maestro Cassi at the press conference to welcome Operavision Academy to Busseto, and to receive the Donazione Speranza.

press conference Busseto

The happy young artists brought rainbows and smiles to a rainy start which succumbed to their happiness and rewarded a capacity audience a fantastic evening of singing  assembled with the Amici della Lirica Cararrese “A. Mercuriali” at the stunning Castello di Malaspina di Massa with Dottoressa Simonetta Puccini,  the granddaughter of Maestro Puccini himself, in attendance.



Busseto of course means “terra di Verdi”……


The young artists of the Operavision Academy in excited anticipation.


The visit to his beautiful Casa di Riposo in Milano, built by the great composer Giuseppe Verdi to take care of those that served his music, the singers. How great is he. Stupendous day where generations came together and everyone’s heart was full of music and love for the genius of Verdi and his music.

11792153_10207258304357124_3015629759879930705_oLindsay Schwenker in Rigoletto, as Gilda

11850706_10207258305757159_1371707145190200235_o                             Joel Ricci, tenor, and Jennifer McKillop, soprano

11041546_10207258349958264_4957420520968867985_oBasso, Antonio Bellissimo

11838658_10207258302437076_4176585921919998041_o                                                  soprano, Stephanie Yelovich

11802697_10207258302957089_137976750246273422_o                                 soprano, Karen D’ Angelo

11825940_10207258304877137_4275598873542659763_n                            Teiya Kasahara, Gillian Stecyk, Stephanie Yelovich


Illustrious guests were in plentiful supply, the Casa Verdi boasts many, many, great singers with amazing history. Here the Operavision Academy beams with pride and happy success next to esteemed soprano, Lina Vasta who gifted the young artists with superb renditions of “Addio, del Passato” of “Traviata”, and “La Vergine degli Angeli.” At the end the generations joined for a rousing “Libiamo, Libiamo….” the Brindisi from Traviata….


It’s official!  Aprile Millo signing the visitors book, and Dr. Mary-Lou Vetere followed immediately.



The day at La Scala with a tour of the Museum and then the Temple of Music, thanks to the Comitato Renata Tebaldi, Giovanna Colombo and Marisa Pak. Backstage during the glowing rehearsals with Zeffirelli’s 1963 Boheme as the atmospheric perfection transported us to Paris in a cold little garrett. The entire group was brought on stage in quiet reverence and the amazing curtains, in middle, part to open like arms raised to the heavens to reveal for these very awe struck young singers and opera fans the whole of the great theater itself….where they dream to be one day, serving music and keeping the great traditions alive.  Viva La Scala and Viva L’Opera!!!!

11870752_1621861318070571_2290886089782294756_n copy 211870752_1621861318070571_2290886089782294756_n copy


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