Buon giorno! Sono Maestro Gigi V. DeSabata, il mascot ufficiale di Operavision Academy. Io sono il “STAR” del mondo della lirica e sono molto dedicato ai “miei” artisti. Spero che vieni a cantare sotto il mio “baton” EEEEEEEPPP!!!!!

Gigi getting prepped for performance in Busseto, Italia.
He has really cool clothing and his own facebook page!
Sporting his specially made Operavision T-shirt!
Travelling always in style….bowtie at all times!
…tapping baton incessantly…..
He only speaks Italian and swears a lot!
Ordering some food at his friend Debora’s restaurant the Osteria Orlandi in Busseto. He gets royal treatment everywhere.
Gigi is a VIP at Alitalia airlines. Here he is hanging out in the Alitalia Lounge at JFK with his favourite Italian beverages, Chinotto and Campari.
Renata Tebaldi is his girl.

Click here to go to Gigi’s Facebook page

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